**New creation, world premiere on November 15th 2019**

Two strange characters appear.
They are fluffy, soft and without age.
Will they know where they are…and where they are going?
They are waiting…who? What?
They wait that life goes by, looking for something to do.
They take their time. They take time.
They take their time to watch the other, to laugh, to cry and even to play.
They are waiting to find the exit of this wonderful place…. Sometime, waiting with someone else is better!

The present moment is then revealed with strengh, this is all the mission of the clown. To wait on stage, it’s also to present the human as he was, he is and will be with such simplicity.

Length: 60 minutes

Creation steps and residency partners:
January 2018, Théâtre Belcourt
March and September 2018, Pavillon d’Éducation Communautaire (PEC)
Décember 2018, Maison de la culture Mercier
April 2019,
 Théâtre du Marais

Official premiere on November 15th 2019 at Quai 5160, Montreal

We thank the Canada Arts Council and the Montreal Arts Council for their financial support for this creation.