The Bros

The show ” The Bros ” is a work of acrobatic clown .

Two clowns are travelling the world with their cart to find the right place to stop. This long journey creates a great complicity between these two men, but also some squabbles that always lead to laughter and reconciliation. On earth, in the air or on sea, the roads always lead them to new experiences.

After all the adventures, will they find a place that they could call home? Will they have to travel the world forever?

Length: 60 minutes

Public: for all ages from 5 years old!

Coup de coeur du Public 2016-2017 at Maison de la culture de Trois-Rivière.
« A show to be seen, with your children, but also for us the adults! Delicious!»

CSL Location, August 8th 2014

« Intelligent and funny clowns for all!»

Robert Langlois, August 4th 2014

« The Bros blow much more than balloons!»

Le Canada Français, Thursday August 7th 2014

« I want to see the clowns again! I remain seated, here!»

A child who doesn’t to go out of the theater, February 2015

« As much as my grandchildren, this show made me laugh and dream in spite of my 68 years! Thank you »

A spectator, February 2015