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The Foutoukours 

Specialized in acrobatic clown for the past 25 years !


Since 1997, the Foutoukours have been dedicated to update the clowning art to highlight its emotional plurality and use its creative freedom to address contemporary themes with physical play as a universal language.

In its 25 years of existence, the company has developed a strong artistic direction by setting each production within a defined aesthetic, leaving room for imagination and human interaction around the themes of solidarity and brotherhood, all conveyed through circus disciplines and clowning. By taking inspiration from different trends and styles in each of their productions, The Foutoukours are working to restore the clowning art form to its rightful place in Quebec and all around the world.

This artistic direction brings an educational mandate to a variety of audiences in order to help them evolve their vision of clowning through three sectors within the company: stage production, cultural mediation and professional training.

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Shows on tour around the world

In 25 years of existence, the circus company Les Foutoukours has had the pleasure of offering 20 creations! From tales, to youth circus shows  and clownish creations, including tragic stand-up, the productions have been exported all over the world and Les Foutoukours have performed on stages all over the world ! Discover our shows currently on display.

acrobatic clown Brotipo


American clown

poetic clown Glob


Cinematographic clown

circus clown oppidum


Poetic clown

creating free training studios for artists in the performing arts

Studios PACA

In may 2021, The Foutoukours have opened the Studio PACA, in the heart of Hochelaga630 square feet dedicated to the living arts to allow rehearsals, creation, free training and workshops. The PACA’s mission is to welcome all artists in the performing arts, particularly in circus, dance, theater and puppetry.

Only 1 year after the PACA opening,  the studio was a succes and  the demand from the artists community increased. It was just about right for The Foutoukours to seize the opportunity of openning a second studio, in the same building at 2030 boul. Pie-IX in Montreal. The first studio have a concrete vernished and robuste floor and the second one is a bit more spacious and  have a wood floor.
Our mission is to welcome all artists in the performing arts in a safe and well equiped environnement.

Awards and mentions

The Foutoukours is one of the most popular companies in Quebec. In its 25 years of existence, The Foutoukours has produced 20 productions and reached over 500,000 spectators with its intelligent acrobatic clowning. Their shows have received awards all over the world, from audience favourites to 4-star reviews in specialized magazines.

President's choice Théâtre au vert Festival

4 stars critique

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